What We’re Talking About

Hello beautiful Listeners! Below you will find trailers and favorite scenes of our fave BBC shows! If you like what you see, most of these are available on Netflix or Hulu! Grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy! ūüôā

SPACED: Trailer

SPACED: Firefight Compilation

LUTHER: Trailer

THE THICK OF IT: Best of Malcolm Tucker




13: Hello BBC! It’s me, Fandomonium.

The gang’s back together this week and talking about “Ye Olde BBC.” ¬†Tune in to hear all the stuff about Luther, Spaced, The Thick of It, Top Gear, The Vicar of Dibley, and Absolutely Fabulous. ¬†Never heard of them? ¬†GREAT. ¬†Let us talk about how much we love them! ¬†The mildest of technical difficulties due to Mariah’s internet being briefly mean to her and mucho thanks to The Itchy Creeps.

What We’re Talking About Part 1

Hello beautiful people. Below are scenes from some of the most heart wrenching moments in TV/Movie history that Mariah and Marlee can think of. Grab a box of tissues and prepare yourself for an emotional shitshow.

HP: Snape’s Death Scene

HP: Snape’s Memories

HP: Harry Uses the Resurrection Stone

DW: Doomsday

DW: The Doctor & Rose Say Goodbye

DW: Van Gogh Visits the Gallery

11: Fandomonium: Star Wars Versus Star Trek

Things get HEATED this week as Mariah, Tyler, and Marlee debate Star Wars and Star Trek.  Is The Phantom Menace good or horrible?  Is Benedict Cumberbatch hot or ugly?  Are Marlee and Tyler best friends or worst enemies?  Who would win in a fight: Khan or Chewie?  Listen to find out!  Subscribe to us on iTunes.  Music by The Itchy Creeps.

10: Boy Meets Fandomonium

At long last Mariah and Marlee discuss Boy Meets World!  Tyler is very busy and doing important things, but the girls are up to the challenge.  They take a Buzzfeed Quiz, discuss their love of Eric Matthews, praise Mr. Feeny, talk about the incredible horror movie episode, cry a little, and discuss Girl Meets World.  This sh** gets real.  FEEEEEEEEEEEENY!!!!!!!!