20: The Disney Renaissance

This week the gang dives into the Disney Renaissance.  They are mostly successful in staying on topic.  Tyler is wicked busy but the girls know what’s up.  Mariah goes into her infamous Little Mermaid rant, Marlee is devastated by her Buzzfeed Quiz results, and both of them fondly reminisce about Disney VHS’s.  Tyler loved the Tarzan soundtrack, the Beast is not a dick, and the newer Disney films are mostly meh.  We’re big fans.  Music by Tojamura 7.

19: Weird Fringe Science

This week, Mariah and Tyler step into another universe… the Fringe universe.  The beloved sci-fi cult classic makes a fan girl and boy out of them.  It has alternate universes, super powers, mind-altering drugs, time travel, and a whole lot of heart.  If you’ve never seen or even heard about Fringe, do yourself a favor.  Chances are, there’s a you in an alternate universe who has seen Fringe and freaking loved it.  The possibilities are endless.  We’re big fans.  Music by Tojamura 7.

Summer Sitcom Series: Frasier

Back from hiatus, the gang is ready to start Season Two!  They’re kicking it off with the first entry in their Summer Sitcom Series: Frasier.  Whether you’ve never seen it before or collect old Frasier memorabilia (like Mariah), it’s always  a good time to revisit the Crane boys in Seattle.  Grab a glass of sherry, a heap of neuroses, and some tossed salad and scrambled eggs.  We’re BIG fans.  Music by Tojamura 7.