Summer Sitcom Series: Will & Grace

Welcome to the second installment of our Summer Sitcom Series!  This week the gang is talking about Will & Grace.  Let’s see how long they can go without going off onto a tangent!  Marlee is a Will and Mariah is definitely a Grace.  Beware of mild Game of Thrones spoilers. Mariah spoils everything, Marlee hurt her foot, and it’s Tyler’s birthday.  We’re big fans.  Music by Tojamura 7.

21: Cap vs. Iron Man vs. Batfleck vs. Super Boring

This week the gang geeks out about the summer superhero blockbusters; Captain America: Civil War and Batman vs. Superman.  They have some strong opinions about Batman vs. Superman, Tyler once again proves himself to be the resident Superhero Expert, and Mariah just wants a Black Widow movie.  To make matters even more interesting, Tyler is Team Cap and Mariah is Team Iron Man.  Is anybody Team Superman?!  Stay tuned!  We’re big fans.  Subscribe on iTunes.  Music by Tojamura 7.