26: A Wolverine Walks Into a Bar

Back from an unforgivable hiatus due to life, Mariah and Tyler jump right into Logan, John Wick 2, The Witcher 3, and a brief appearance by Mass Effect: Andromeda.  It’s good to be nerding out again.  We’re big fans.  Music by Malaïse.

25: Spooky! (AF)

Happy Halloween you fanboys and fangirls!  This week, the gang is talking about all things spooooky!  They have a fairly weird list of pop culture that they find frightening (Boy Meets World?!) and each of them is triggered at least once before the episode is over.  Surprisingly, Mariah walked out of a film she found horrifying.  Unsurprisingly, each of them is terrified by at least one insane anime.  Music by Malaise.

24: Culture Shock Explosion!

This month the gang is talking about all the things they are currently fans of in a short amount of time, something they like to call a Culture Shock Explosion. Tyler is trying to get through Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell without falling asleep, Marlee is embarrassed to be watching Glee, and Mariah is obsessed with Penny Dreadful.  Mariah also remembered this month how much she loves Kevin Kline.  Just nobody bring up how disappointing Wild Wild West is…

23: Like Fire, Wildfire

After a nice refreshing break the gang is all back and ready to dive into Season 6 of Game of Thrones.  Best/Worst Lists, predictions, Buzzfeed shenanigans and some friendly squabbling, it’s all you’ve come to know and love about Fandomonium.  Valar Morghulis!  Music by the Tojamura 7.  Subscribe on iTunes!

Summer Sitcom Series: Will & Grace

Welcome to the second installment of our Summer Sitcom Series!  This week the gang is talking about Will & Grace.  Let’s see how long they can go without going off onto a tangent!  Marlee is a Will and Mariah is definitely a Grace.  Beware of mild Game of Thrones spoilers. Mariah spoils everything, Marlee hurt her foot, and it’s Tyler’s birthday.  We’re big fans.  Music by Tojamura 7.

21: Cap vs. Iron Man vs. Batfleck vs. Super Boring

This week the gang geeks out about the summer superhero blockbusters; Captain America: Civil War and Batman vs. Superman.  They have some strong opinions about Batman vs. Superman, Tyler once again proves himself to be the resident Superhero Expert, and Mariah just wants a Black Widow movie.  To make matters even more interesting, Tyler is Team Cap and Mariah is Team Iron Man.  Is anybody Team Superman?!  Stay tuned!  We’re big fans.  Subscribe on iTunes.  Music by Tojamura 7.

20: The Disney Renaissance

This week the gang dives into the Disney Renaissance.  They are mostly successful in staying on topic.  Tyler is wicked busy but the girls know what’s up.  Mariah goes into her infamous Little Mermaid rant, Marlee is devastated by her Buzzfeed Quiz results, and both of them fondly reminisce about Disney VHS’s.  Tyler loved the Tarzan soundtrack, the Beast is not a dick, and the newer Disney films are mostly meh.  We’re big fans.  Music by Tojamura 7.

19: Weird Fringe Science

This week, Mariah and Tyler step into another universe… the Fringe universe.  The beloved sci-fi cult classic makes a fan girl and boy out of them.  It has alternate universes, super powers, mind-altering drugs, time travel, and a whole lot of heart.  If you’ve never seen or even heard about Fringe, do yourself a favor.  Chances are, there’s a you in an alternate universe who has seen Fringe and freaking loved it.  The possibilities are endless.  We’re big fans.  Music by Tojamura 7.

Summer Sitcom Series: Frasier

Back from hiatus, the gang is ready to start Season Two!  They’re kicking it off with the first entry in their Summer Sitcom Series: Frasier.  Whether you’ve never seen it before or collect old Frasier memorabilia (like Mariah), it’s always  a good time to revisit the Crane boys in Seattle.  Grab a glass of sherry, a heap of neuroses, and some tossed salad and scrambled eggs.  We’re BIG fans.  Music by Tojamura 7.

17: The Duchess of Buffonia

In every generation there is a chosen one.  She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness.  She is the slayer.  The gang is finally talking about Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Whether you’re a hardcore Scoobie or don’t even know where Sunnydale is, we are here for you!  Everything from Once More with Feeling to the proposed Buffy reboot.  Find out why Mariah thinks it is the greatest television show of all time.  Grr argh!